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Landau-Kleffner Syndrome
A disorder with seizures starting in childhood in which the patient loses skills, such as speech, and develops behaviour characteristic of autism.

LD (Learning Disabled)
Any of various cognitive, neurological, or psychological disorders that impede the ability to learn, especially one that interferes with the ability to learn mathematics or develop language skills (learning disorder).

LFA (Low Functioning Autism)
Adaptive skills are not developmentally appropriate to chronological age in an individual with ASD (such as unable to perform adaptive functions well such as toileting, bathing, dressing, etc.); does not refer to severity or level of intelligence; not a diagnostic term.

MCYS: Ontario Ministry of Children and Youth Services
To make conform to a chosen standard. To provide hand-over-hand guidance when first teaching a task in ABA/IBI.

Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.

That which arouses the student to action toward a desired goal; the reason for the action; that which gives purpose and direction to behaviour.

MR or Mentally Retarded
Subnormal intellectual development as a result of congenital causes, brain injury, or disease and characterized by any of various cognitive deficiencies, including impaired learning, social, and vocational ability.

Team approach involving specialists in more than one discipline, such as a team made up of a Physical Therapist, a Speech and Language Pathologist, a Child Development Specialist, an Occupational Therapist, or other specialists as needed.

Medical science that deals with the nervous system and disorders affecting it (neurological, neurologist).

NeuroscienceAny of the sciences, such as neuroanatomy and neurobiology, which deal with the nervous system.

Nonverbal Communication
Any form of or attempt at unspoken or “physical” communication. Examples are temper tantrums, gestures, pointing and leading another person to a desired object.

NOSNot Otherwise Specified

NT (Neurotypical)
Of typical development.

Occupational Therapist (OT)
Concerned about movement; OTs work to help individuals to dress themselves, hit a baseball, sit and write at school, or perform practical and recreational life activities; some OTs are trained in the area of sensory integration, and may be able to assist the individual with some of the sensory challenges that may be part getting in the way of success at school and in the community. 

See Occupational Therapist 

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