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PDD (Pervasive Developmental Disorder)
Umbrella term used for Autism Spectrum Disorders; not a diagnosis in itself and not the same as PDD-NOS.

Pervasive Development Disorder —Not Otherwise Specified.

To manifest or experience perseveration (See perseveration).

Obsessive-like, continued, immediate repetition of behaviour; restricted interests.

Having the quality or tendency to pervade or permeate.

The study of language as it is used in a social context.

Premack Principle
Communicating that a more preferred activity will follow the completion of a less preferred activity; for example; “First you do…(less preferred), then you do (Preferred)”.

Prediction of the probable course and outcome of a disease; likelihood of recovery from a disease; forecast or prediction.

In ABA/IBI, to assist with a reminder; remind; to assist by providing the next words of a forgotten passage; cue. 

Prompt Dependent
(in ABA/IBI) the student requires prompts or cues in order to make correct responses.

Tone or accent of a syllable; melody of voice.

Psychological Assessment (In Special Education) 
May yield or confirm a diagnosis. It must be performed by a registered Psychologist or Psychological Associate or a Psycho-Educational Consultant working under the supervision of a registered Psychologist. It can only be undertaken with the informed consent of parent, guardian or student over the age of 18.

Specialist in the field of psychology, usually having a doctorate degree; trained to provide assessments, therapy and diagnosis for a variety of conditions; may be involved with a child to assess his or her current developmental level, provide a diagnosis, and provide feedback and consultation related to behavioural, parenting, family, or emotional issues.

A professional involved in the diagnostic process; not a regulated title; having experience in performing psychological assessments; must have a Bachelor or Master's degree, typically works under the supervision of a psychologist; may provide counselling or therapy, depending on training. 

Inflicting or aiming to inflict punishment; punishing.

Of, relating to, or concerning quality.

Qualitative Developmental Assessment
An evaluation of the quality, rather than the quantity, of a child’s cognitive skills.

Receptive Language
Understanding in communication; “input”.

(In Physiology) A specialized cell or group of nerve endings that responds to sensory stimuli.

Reciprocal condition or relationship; mutual or cooperative interchange.

(In Behavioural Strategies and ABA/IBI) Reward used to elicit desirable behaviours or skills (reinforce, reinforcing, reinforcement).

(In Psychology) Reversion to an earlier or less mature pattern of feeling or behaviour.

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