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Organizations with ABA Providers

Please Note: We will not accept listings for multiple professionals working in one organization.

In choosing to proceed, I acknowledge that I am the designate (person with either clinical seniority or administrative seniority) in my organization. I acknowledge that I will be the primary and only contact, on behalf of my organization, to be listed on this website.

I also agree that I will regularly verify my organization’s information on this site and I understand that our listing can be removed at any time by Autism Ontario.

I acknowledge that Autism Ontario has no control over who accesses or sees, or saves any of my professional information that I post as part of my listing on this website.

I also agree to waive any legal rights that hold Autism Ontario, its chapters, funder(s), affiliates or vendors liable for any actions resulting from my posting of information on this site.

I have read and agreed to the legal terms and disclaimer of this site (click to view).

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